In the land of poison and honey

The immortal phrase ‘party till you drop’ must have been coined by some campus student too hypnotized with fun; it was the most natural thing to say. It is a common perception that campus is synonymous with ultimate fun. To give it a hip description, campus is the It is in campus brothels, parties, frat houses and sororities where young scholars bring to life the party animals in them.

It is the place where you drain bottles of beer in the middle of the day and still have the courage to walk into class and sit for an exam.  And PASS HIGHLY! Those mwakenyas do really come in handy. Thanks to the petty competition between Apple and Samsung, better   smartphones with customized apps are invented hence Google (a student’s best friend in the exam room) is only a touch away. While KNEC crucifies primary and high schools for cheating in exams, universities are making First Class Honours out of it.

Campus students are a major reason why the alcohol industry is rising even to trade in the NSE. Alcohol is a necessary evil in campus, or at least that is what status quo dictates. With high demand and an obvious upsurge of market, success of the alcohol industry is inevitable as sales skyrocket. Alcohol flows in plenty, and the students become unapologetically drunk. Perhaps the best description is that campus is a cocktail of two worlds; a taste of heaven blended with the pleasures of earthly desires. Parties in campus are like wild haven filled with infamy as bodies twist, wiggle, turn and rub on the dance floor, some even bend over. A few always go with the rhythm while some are propelled by the overwhelming effects of Smirnoff Vodka or whatever cheap drink they have consumed.

Four years is a long time to self-destruct, it only takes a night of trial and error to fall into the entrapments of wild campus life. The freshers are always ready to become the new characters with their next-big-thing attitude and a new found freedom coupled with extreme curiosity. Experimentation becomes the only choice. Before you know it you are getting high with friends in the corner of a crowded bar as you jump to the beats of the now overrated Gangnam Style, while applauding the DJ for his spinning skills. Regret comes later, maybe in the morning when there is a stranger in your bed and the only scent in the air is a mixture of stale Blue Moon and cheap cigarettes.

Then there are the infamous ‘HIV’ lists that have often put many amateur bloggers into business. This is an anonymous list where a student (surprisingly, they are always female students) who confesses to be HIV/AIDS purports to have infected a number of male students and lecturers with the virus. God forbid if you knew her beyond her skirt.  It makes you wonder what would drive a lady to such a sadistic path, but as the world has taught us mercy is a luxury only too few can afford.

 Campus is also the place where great ideas like Mark Zuckerberg’s invention of Facebook are born in the confines of small hostel rooms. It is a bitter sweet life where survival is based on two things; absolute restraint or sensible moderation. Many often choose the ‘what the hell’ road. Campus life is like playing the roulette. Just like you load the gun and hope on chance that it does not fire, you jump into the fun and hope that you do not self-destruct.

When all is done and the four years have gone by, scholarly gowns are worn and everyone smiles happy to be graduates.  Some come out as certified drunks, some come out sick, some come out empty and used, some come out even more confused than they came, some come out with degrees and their honour tucked deeply inside their pockets, happy to have escaped unscathed.  And some just do not care. This kind of life is best summarized by Coldplay’s Fix You lyrics…when you get what you want and not what you need



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I harness words, I thrive on them. I tell stories. I am dreamer, sometimes a poet but mostly I am a Game of Thrones fanatic. Lady Olenna, Lyanna Mormont and Arya Stark are my spirit animals.

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