of Edgar Allan Poe and the sociopath following


Every once in a while, there comes a TV series that captures the audience’s attention and gets the verbal reviewers talking, providing spoilers for the slow ones. The Vampire Diaries had its moment although after season 2, I prayed for its cancellation (sadly it never was). It was a nice plot at the beginning, spoiled by an overly ambitious writer.

A few months back, one ‘verbal reviewer’ insisted that I should check out The Following. I was reluctant to shift my attention to a new series because I was still immersed in Revolution, fighting militias with that sword girl – Charlie. But when I did, I never regretted it. I was sold in the first episode.

The Following is a 2013 thriller that involves a former FBI agent Ryan

Ryan Hardy and Joe Carroll. Retrieved from fanpop.com

Hardy and his often thwarted attempts to recapture serial killer Joe Carroll.  Ryan Hardy is a flawed hero, a damaged alcoholic who fears letting people in. Carol is a sociopathic serial killer who views death as a form of art, always borrowing inspiration from American master of mystery Edgar Allan Poe. He finds satisfaction and sexual arousal in brutally knifing his victims, leaving behind a messy crime scene for Ryan and his team to clean.

Carroll recruits like-minded individuals – sick, psychopathic, damaged and in a desperate need for acceptance – a cult of followers he uses as puppets in his big game plan. In their sick twisted minds, they believe that only by death can one feel alive, that death saves us, and not in a reincarnation kind of way. Ryan Hardy not only has to stop one killer but a band of deranged misfits roaming the American East Coast, killing at will.

Ryan and Carroll are like two sides of the same coin, both experts at their game and both wanting to emerge victors. The often loathsome chemistry between a killer and his pursuer oozes all over the plot. It is a personal war, a vendetta played out so well, it scares the audience. Thrust at the very core of this war is Claire Matthews, Carroll’s ex-wife and Ryan’s love interest. The love story between Ryan and Claire is a constant reminder that Carroll lost his wife to his captor. This pushes him beyond the limits.

This show is twisted and edgy, it will tease you nerves and it will keep you sitting at the edge of your couch. It is bloody and it is addictive. Keep off if you cannot stand the sight of blood as victims succumb to the gleaming pride of a killer. If you can’t get enough then buckle up yea followers, season 2 premiers in…7 months. I know, it sucks that we have to wait until 2014 to get over the season one finale cliffhanger. But hey, at least it hasn’t been cancelled. Talking of cancellations, I heard that 24 has been renewed for a 12-episode ninth season. Strange that a show has to come back after 4 years, 24 was cancelled in 2010. Now we get to see the selfless deeds of Jack Bauer as he fights off terrorists to protect his country. Just wondering, which woman will he be dating this time, and will she end up dying to? And who will be the President?


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