From Superman to the Beast: Kristin Kreuk comes of age

After watching Kristin Kreuk’s new show Beauty and the Beast, I grew nostalgic because it reminded me of a show I used to know. It has been long since I saw Kreuk on TV, the last I saw of her was a teary Lana Lang atop the roof of the Daily Planet saying goodbye to Clark Kent (season 8 of Smallville). And may I just say that Kristin Kreuk’s luck at getting eye candy male leads is every girl’s dream. Tom Welling and Jay Ryan are God’s gift to women, they have nice abs too.

Image- from kryptonsite

Lana and Clark ‘Clana’ in Smallville

Beauty and the Beast and Smallville are similar in more ways than one. First, Kristin Kreuk’s character in both shows has a thing for guys who are not so human. In Smallville, as Lana Lang she falls for

the farm boy turned Daily Planet reporter Clark Kent who is also Superman. Clark is an alien from Krypton who is dropped by a spaceship in a small Kansas town of Smallville. In BatB, as Catherine Chandler she falls for Vincent Keller, a doctor turned beast in a super soldier experiment gone wrong.

Second, cast alongside Kreuk, these two characters bear some comparable characteristics. They both have immense strengths and can puncture through concrete walls and dent steel. They can hear things from afar, and can thus sense crime from miles away. They often arrive at crime scenes before the police to save people. However, this vigilante role has earned them a pariah status especially among law enforcers.

Third, in Smallville, Lana Lang parents die at the beginning of the show; she witnesses her parents’ death during the meteor shower. In BatB, Catherine Chandler’s mother dies at the beginning of the show where she witnesses her being shot. Both shows explore Kreuk’s pain as she deals with the deaths. She still clings to her loss years into the future.

Despite the similarities, BatB shows that Kristin Kreuk has come of age. In Smallville she was tossed around the plot, hurt a million and one times, ran away, came back and was finally tossed aside once and for all. She remained only in the memories of viewers as Clark Kent’s first love. Smallville used her and then got rid of her once they deemed her useless for the plot because legends have it that Clark’s true loves was Loise Lane.


Catherine and Vincent

Since Smallville showrunners Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders act as co-showrunners for BatB, bringing Kristin Kreuk on board is almost like they are trying to correct a mistake. It is like they are trying to rewrite history and change it.

In this new Smallville – esque, Kristin Kreuk has outgrown the ‘damsel in distress’ status and helplessness of her former character. She is now a New York City cop. She not only knows how to aim a gun but can also kick ass. She is fearless and in control. It is almost like she has been reborn, and has come back to take what she was denied in Smallville – a fighting chance to the end.

Her love life with Clark was starved so many times; it was only in season 5 that two really kicked it off (5 long seasons, even the audience got tired of waiting).  BatB doesn’t waste any time, her love with Vincent pushes the plot forward and has been thoroughly explored from season 1. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed for season 2 and hope that this Peterson-Souders-Kreuk reunion is a good thing.


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