How Hollywood destroyed the classical fairytale

“Once upRed Riding Hood (Official Movie Poster)on a time in a land far away…” so began classical  fairy tales that awed little children as they giggled and frowned at the imitation of the ogre’s voice  from a proud father. Always too tired from a long day at work but still had the time to tuck in his little girl and read her the Little Red Riding Hood. These were the golden moments that Hollywood is slowly snatching away from parents and children in the name of adaptations and remakes.

I would like to single out four movies that have been   adapted from classical fairy tales in the recent years.

1. Red Riding Hood

We practically grew up listening and reading Little Red Riding Hood, and our eyes widened with horror when the big bad wolf ate up Grandma. Then came Hardwicke’s horrible attempt to recreate this classical fairy tale by putting a Twilight spin on it, without the pale vampires of course. She turned it into a psycho thriller that featured a murderous werewolf out for revenge. Everyone sucked in this movie, from Amanda Seyfried to Gary Oldman.

2. Snow White and the Huntsman

When Hollywood paired Charlize Theron with Kristen Stewart and gave the latter a sword, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was officially reinvented. Picture that. A sword wielding Snow White. Maybe she never needed a Prince to save her after all. She had an eye candy Huntsman by her side.

3. Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters

We all witnessed the horror this movie did to Grimm Brother’s Hansel and Gretel. They made the two siblings into witch hunters! They gave Gretel a power gun and Gretel a bow. I didn’t know whether to cry or laugh when a boy at a tavern asked the duo for an autograph. In the 16th century!!!!! And were those insulin shots for Hansel’s diabetes? This movie lacked depth and failed to evoke any emotions on my part. The witches’ make up was on point though. For a horrible Halloween costume party.

4. Jack the Giant Slayer

For everything that this Jack and the Bean Stalk remake lacks in story telling, it makes up for in intense CGI and 3D. The fact that it was rated PG-13  just shows how Hollywood has snatched children stories and turned them into money making machines. Corporate villainy, perhaps?

Maleficent is yet another Hollywood proteger, a remake of Sleeping Beauty to be released in 2014 starring Angelina Jolie. With and Academy Award and three Golden Globes to her names, I hope Maleficent will not be another waste of time and tickets in theaters.

In the words of CNN’s Tom Charity ” Hollywood’s current craze for fairy tales isn’t going to have a happy ending” Children need to dream, and classical fairy tales give them just that. Someone needs to do something fast before Hollywood corrupts it all. What will Hollywood do next, perhaps transform Cinderella into a blood sucking vampire?


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I harness words, I thrive on them. I tell stories. I am dreamer, sometimes a poet but mostly I am a Game of Thrones fanatic. Lady Olenna, Lyanna Mormont and Arya Stark are my spirit animals.

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