Unanswered questions…but from ashes we shall rise

The section of the Westgate Mall roof that collapsed after an explosion

The section of the Westgate Mall roof that collapsed after an explosion

Just like 9/11 is to the Americans, Kenyans will always remember 21st September 2013. This was the day when gun totting men attacked the prestigious Westgate Mall in affluent Westlands, Nairobi and sprayed bullets on innocent civilians. After the siege that lasted 3 days, at least 67 people were dead, about 200 injured and 39 are still missing.

A week since the attack Kenyans are still waiting to hear the truth about what really happened inside the mall. We have so many questions but very few answers.How many terrorists were in the building? Were they 5, 10, 15 or 18? Was there a woman terrorist like the witnesses reported? Was there a terrorist who escaped with civilians like one survivor revealed bu was thwarted by security officials?

We have so many questions because the top security officials have been elusive with the truth. For instance Interior Minister Ole Lenku swore on national TV that the black smoke we saw billowing from the mall right after successive loud explosions was due to burning mattresses. He also swore that the Kenya Defense Forces had killed 5 terrorists. Where are the rest? They were buried under the rubble, he said. It is hard to believe since no bodies of terrorists have been recovered so far.

And finally the question that has been playing on every Kenya’s lips: Where is the now infamous White Widow, the alleged master mind of the Westgate attack? Maybe our questions will be answered in time, maybe they will never be answered at all. After all we are a country of many inquiries and commissions that swear to leave no stone unturned but leave the truth buried under the rubble instead.

As Kenyans we stand as one, united than ever before and forever our brothers’ keepers. Borrowed from the movie We Are Marshall, here is a quote to all the bereaved families and the survivors of the Westgate mall attack.

We buried sons, brothers, mothers, fathers, fiancés.

Clocks ticked, but time did not pass.

The sun rose and the sun set, but the shadows remained.

When once there was sound, now there was silence.

What once was whole, now was shattered.



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I harness words, I thrive on them. I tell stories. I am dreamer, sometimes a poet but mostly I am a Game of Thrones fanatic. Lady Olenna, Lyanna Mormont and Arya Stark are my spirit animals.

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  1. Doesn’t matter where it happens, America, Afghanistan, Kenya, we are not told anything. The corruption deepens. And yes, above all else Jennifer, be the truth of your people and never let your faith in that die.

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