The Conman’s Pulpit

Everyone is looking for a miracle, and what better way to find it than in churches, the only place where we can collectively feel the presence of God. We must think pastors are such holy people. After all, they bridge the gap between God and man. So they perform miracles and pray for the congregation to receive favour in the eyes of the Lord. But how some of our ‘holy pastors’ have duped us!

In an expose titled Seeds of Sin, NTV’s Dennis Okari unearths the dubious business going on in some Kenyan churches today. Cons proclaiming to be men and women of God rip off the Kenyan faithfuls of their hard earned cents with the promise of delivering God’s miracles right at their doorsteps! These pastors brainwash individuals so desperate to feel the hand of God. Whatever happened to “Do not use the name of God in vain!” Prosperity gospel and working miracles are gaining momentum as wealth creation schemes in the pulpit, and it is the congregation who pays the price. Watch the video by clicking below.

Just a year ago, Mohammed Ali while working for NTV, revealed the comical story of Esther Mwende who was paid by a fake pastor in Nairobi to give false testimonies.

It is pathetic how fake pastors have tainted the sanctity of churches in their get rich quickly plans. And they spoil it for every genuine man and woman of God who preaches the gospel of truth. I would like to believe we are a religious people; a country littered with churches in every street corner, from the dingy alleys of Korogocho to the urbane neighbourhoods of Westlands. But the degradation of God’s word to prosperity gospel and duplicitous miracles is breeding skepticism among the people of God.

Miracles are God given and He doesn’t ask for money to do that, all He ever asks for is faith. I know according to God’s words, sin is sin and therefore all sins are equal but goodness gracious! sinning in the name of God cannot be put on the same scale as telling a lie. How do you put a price tag on miracles? I know the economy is tough, the recently implemented VAT bill makes it even worse for the average Kenyan to eke a living. This is no excuse for anyone to make quick cash by tricking unsuspecting Kenyans into paying for miracles. How low man has sunk!


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  1. This is a great piece J-lo.. You are not a hopeless writer.

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