The real graduates of Moi University


College life was fun; I believe this is a unanimous opinion. We sang along to Asher Roth’s I Love College and danced to Party Rock Anthem till the split of dawn. We skipped classes we didn’t like, attended some we couldn’t skip. We made friends, both fake and real, we made arch rivals. We tasted a little booze (little is relative here); some came out staggering but still standing. Yeah, we had it good.

And so when we put the pen down, we crossed our fingers and waited for the big commemoration – The Graduation. Finally, 17th December was the day that Moi University would acknowledge our academic pursuits by giving us the power to read and write amid a roaring applause and cheers.

I have witnessed many graduation ceremonies but none ever lowered my expectations like the 2nd 29th Graduation at Moi University. It was shambolic, crowded and utterly confused. In short, it didn’t give me any feeling of honour or fulfillment.

No offense but some of the graduation gowns and caps were ill fitting, non-matching and out of colour. With a graduation fee hike of 4500 from 3500, you’d expect that the university would grant us something a little worth our money.

After a whole day hustle in an extremely long line, many graduands missed the ceremonial gowns with no promise of refund for their money. Trust Moi University to always kick you in the face when you need something from them that you have paid for – exam cards, rooms, clearance.  Nothing is a smooth sail in Moi Uni.

Rumour has it that Moi University is one of the wealthiest universities in Kenya. With an extensive land big enough to host a country I couldn’t agree more. I stand to be corrected but Moi is the only university in Kenya with a chopper and a textile company (Rivatex) which two years ago invented a rare dye courtesy of our Vice Chancellor Mibey. Don’t judge me, for all my troubles and pains, I believe I have earned the right to brag, although this university never makes it easy.

I gotta ask though, why couldn’t the university make graduation gowns at Rivatex instead of shamelessly hiring gowns from all over Kenyan universities. It wasn’t a pleasant site looking like mismatched walking rainbows.

The graduation arena was packed with graduates waiting to receive their hard earned honours. According to the graduation booklet, there were at least 5200 graduands. This is not even the whole number because some graduands whose names had been missing from the original graduation list were fixed in the last minute.

The inconsequential boring speeches lowered our spirits further, but the worst part came when Moi University resorted to ‘mass production’ of graduates. Only departments were mentioned and we were expected to stand up in mass and with dignity to pay homage to our degrees. The numerous empty seats must have been feeling the pinch. A lot of graduands had boycotted the event before it even commenced.

Yes, Moi University, the university with a difference. God, I love this immortal mantra.

After all my rant, maybe the topic of this article should have been ‘the fake graduates of Moi University’ but I earned my degree and I’m not going to degrade it.

Kudos to Moi University graduating class of 2013 – thus far the Lord has brought us. We survived Peter Mashoka, Stella Makisu, the jaguar, the peer pressure. We even survived the semester inflation and Sister Nabushawo’s bull’s eye. Yeah, we made it! Now in future we can break bread and reminisce about the good ol’ times (bublishing, patichular, Dr. Ong’ondo’s true-lies stories)…if you know what I mean.

From left: Dorcas Oo, Trizer Awino Emma, Me, Santa Moniquer

From left: Dorcas Oo, Trizer Awino Emma, Me, Santa Moniquer

From left: Angeline Kado, Nicholas Konunda, Mylene Shiroko, Aluoch Geraldine, Jospahat Githua, Stanley Thuku, Jim Gatuna Njoroge, Joy Kiwango, Patricia Rima

P.S. Moi University should let go of those ‘nyayo rags’ because they are no longer ceremonial. The whole university was decorated with them.



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  1. Weuweeee… Nice… You forgot to mention that they used a Property. Please. PA(Public Adress) not worthy of the University ‘so name… I couldn’t hear what was being said from where I was sitting. All in all… I consider myself lucky to have studied in Moi University :-). It was an amazing four years.

  2. Nice read, my thoughts unedited… Keep up Jenny.

  3. You are good!!

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