Lupita Nyongo, Meryl Streep and Amy Adams jiggle, wiggle and shake with Pharrell Williams at Oscars 2014

lupita nyongo

I think it is safe to admit that we all want to be Lupita right now. Even since she appeared as Patsey in McQueen’s 12 Years a Slave, her star has been shining in Hollywood. It shone ever brighter when she stepped on the podium, gracefully holding her Prada gown to receive an Academy Award for the Best Supporting Role.

Let me just expound on the magnitude of this award. First Lupita Nyongo is the first Black Africa (South Africa’s Charlize Theron was the first) actress to win an Oscar. Second, A –list actors like Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, Will Smith, Demi Moore and Tom Cruise have never won an Oscar. So listen peeps, this is huge! Third, did anyone catch her acceptance speech?

Her golden statue aside, this chica got moves too. Pharrell Williams, singing to his hit song Happy from Despicable Me soundtrack swaggered off the stage to engage the Oscar ladies in a tango or two. Lupita jumped off her seat like the brave damsel she is and engaged Pharrell in some dance moves.


Bu the one who really proved to be quite a dancer was Meryl Streep. Even at 64, this actress proved that she can still jiggle like a pro. Since, Mama Mia, we’ve always known she is quite a dancer.

Oscar nominee Amy Adams was not one to be left behind. She did a full body shake, all together with her arms and hips in check. Talk about a star-studded performance!


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