Of marriage bill and the queer Kenyan MPs

Before I begin dwelling on my topic, allow me to digress. I think in this age, it is unanimous that Kenyans are a peculiar people. It is also unanimous that our MPs take the trophy for being even more peculiar. Peculiarity is entrenched in us because it is part of being Kenyan – it comes with the tag, by default. But don’t get me wrong, by queer I don’t mean we run around naked. So get those silly thoughts of backwardness out of your head. It’s just that our habits are very rare. For instance, we are the only country genius enough to brand a local cafe as a ‘Stomach Clinic.’ Yeah, I caught that sign walking down the streets of one estate in Nairobi and laughed my bottoms off. Let’s keep it as LMBO instead of LMAO for vulgarity reasons.
That said, over the past few weeks, there have been heated discussions on the proposed amendments in the Marriage Bill. Apparently, our intelligent MPs who are feeding off tax payers money sat down in their high-quality parliament leather seats (which we paid for) and decided to delete the clause that required a husband in a customary marriage to seek consent from his wife before marrying a second wife. How a national parliament would pass a bill that allows polygamy in the 21st century bothers me. But somehow at the back of my mind, I have that feeling of déjà vu. Remember the contentious Media Bill or the one that increased MPs salaries (they are already the highest paid in the world!)
It’s just that with Lupita Nyongo doing all those big things in Hollywood and Daniel Adongo playing for the NFL, I thought we were evolving into a more polished state. It’s like our honourable members of parliament took a really good report card and shoved it down our ASSES! I apologize for my language. Normally, I’m always not this vulgar, BUT I’M PISSED!
There are so many bills that could help the common mwananchi that need to be passed. Why do you have to sooth men’s ego by trampling on women’s toes? Just to clarify something, I am not a gender activist, and yes I may laugh when Nikita kicks men in the nuts. But I do not take pride in seeing men suffer at the expense of women.
Polygamy is a subject that men love to toy with all the time, what keeps them in check is consent first, which is almost NEVER granted. With good reasons of course – sharing is a good idea only if it doesn’t involve a foreign body colluding with your husband. The first wife has always had the upper hand because of the consent clause. You take it from them and you have a bunch of bitter woman, snorting, sneering and clawing at each other because there was no ‘consultation.’ Taking away this clause will make homes a high volatile area, unsafe even for the master conqueror who sees Jacob Zuma as a hero merely because he beds six women, legally.
The parliamentary debate on Thursday was heated one, female legislators stormed out of Parliament in rage, stating that the amendment on the bill was a direct violation of gender rights. And yes, they were in order to take offence in such ‘stone age’ antics by our honourable MPs (you should see the sarcasm that slides from my tongue when I say ‘honourable’). I am sorry Mr. Politician, but your consistency to fail your fellow constituents is deplorable. Now the ball is President Uhuru Kenyatta’s court, and every Kenyan waits to see if he will assent to the bill into law or revoke it. This late night Thursday debacle has caused mixed reactions among Kenyans, but mostly, the ones walking around town with silly smirks on their faces are our Kenyan MEN. Well, here is a thought: don’t UNZIP just yet, we know the President to be a very reasonable man when it comes to signing bills.



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