It is crazy in my world, and so I have been away for a while. AWOLS are always refreshing, especially since it covers up for a writer’s worst nightmare – the writers block. For a couple of weeks I was clueless on what to write, so I slumped on the couch and watched Pretty Little Liars and cursed after the season 4 finale. And, yes the liars are back for another season, and they revealed on E! that we might never know who A is by the time the series comes to an end (season 7). Well, enough of my guilty pleasure and back to business, where was I? Yeah, my creative juices were gone… and like a loyal lazy girl I burrowed in the social media and unintentionally came across this amazing spoken word poet, and it’s not Sarah Kay (No offence Sarah, I know you are great, you guys should totally check her out

I came across Gary Turk and his viral LOOK UP, a spoken word film that enlightens us about our unhealthy digital obsession.

This guy is dope!!!

So I pay homage to this amazing, thought provoking poetic piece with this article.

You stay awake all night, only you are not insomniac. You have an addiction, and when you hear the  vibration of your gadget in between the sheets, you suddenly get excited. No, (don’t get any dirty thoughts) it’s not a dildo, it’s a smartphone. You are addicted to your gadget; it’s becoming impossible to sleep. Not until you post a status on Facebook and wait impatiently for the comments to trickle in.

And when they start to pour it is like a breath of fresh air, so they liked what you said. Why not feed them more? You tweet, trend, follow, like, friend, comment, favourite and when it is time to finally take a break you begin again. It is like a vicious cycle that breeds obsession which finally becomes addiction. Unconsciously, you are sucked into the digital vanity, a first world problem and now a third world burden.

The technology savvy individual has become so dependent on ‘his toys’, he has forgotten how to connect tangibly with the world around him. With these gadgets, we can access Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram, Myspace and Pinterest whenever and wherever we feel like. The social media is like our own man-made oxygen, the indispensible human need that we cannot live without. And hey, hasn’t it given us power in anonymity when we hide behind faceless pseudonyms and hash tags.

Forget about expressing yourself in 140 characters for a second and say a verbal Howdy to your next door neighbour. Instead of peering through the window and tweeting ‘some lady just moved into the house next door. I’m looking at her through the window right now, #she’shot’ walk over to her doorstep with homemade pancakes and make a connection.

We have become robots, no better than the gadgets we depend on. They run us dry until we forget how to feel on an intrinsic level. When did we become so jaded with the life around us? I mean, life used to be such fun when we could just hang out, without the dire need to unleash our iPads and get immersed in social media.

A few seconds after your comment goes live, there will be 50 likes and 36 comments, some comments just too drab and irrelevant, they wouldn’t make sense to a literate cat. Then you do a victory dance in your head on how popular you have become these days. But who could blame you, the guy sitting across the table from you is paying more attention to his Nokia Lumia than he is, you. You friend on the left is busy with his Samsung Galaxy, because apparently, something hot is trending on Twitter, and he wants to jump into the bandwagon and be part of the discussion.

Here is a thought, look up. Look up from your gadget and actually connect with the people around you. After all, a genuine appreciation from a friend is better than 120 comments from Facebook friends you have never even met. What good is a bus ride with friends who cannot take their eyes off their Facebook wall or Instagram page?

Look up from your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or notebook. Look up and experience the world around you. Your daughter said her first word, you didn’t notice because you were playing with your phone. A girl just waved at you across the street but you were too busy tweeting about this ‘sick’ game you just downloaded. The world around you passes like a blur.Look up and create a connection, either through a smile, a nod, a hug, a wink, a handshake, perhaps a conversation on a park bench with a total stranger or boardroom banter with your colleagues. Let go of your digital obsession and look up. Just look up






































































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I harness words, I thrive on them. I tell stories. I am dreamer, sometimes a poet but mostly I am a Game of Thrones fanatic. Lady Olenna, Lyanna Mormont and Arya Stark are my spirit animals.

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  1. I loved that poem…look up… Nice piece Jlo..

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