I am not invincible

I am not invincible; I retreat to a corner when threatened

I am not open-minded; I get jealous when his gaze lingers to another

I am a coward, and then I wear a mask to keep the pain inside

And I boil to the surface when I least expect it


I am impulsive, so I shatter my blood on splinters of glass

And watch through my veil of fury as the white walls weep

I am fragile; my heart falls to my knees like a pack of cards

Then I forgive, I am a desperate lover, I forgive


I am not perfect; sometimes I hate his touch because I yearn for another

And when night falls I cling onto his embrace in my fortress of solitude

I am impatient; I hate by noon what I loved in the dawn

I am uncertain; I hold on to the past and in my eagerness I embrace the future


I am ambitious, I run so fast, and then I slow down

To catch a breath, or to sleep with my head under the pillow

To wake up in a panic and begin again


The story of my life, unfulfilled yet?

Maybe in greed I find my satisfaction

Am I failure or am I a winner?

Pour me a glass of water, and see the impurities float to the surface

Or better yet, brew me coffee, to wash away the lingering taste of disappointment


I’m invisible, who sees my shadow pace in the streets?

I’m left behind to craft my own path

I used to tell myself “I can’t wear such big shoes; they’d make my feet look small”

Now I can feel my toes getting longer, with just a few pieces of paper stuffed inside, maybe they can fit


I’m a dreamer, what if you believed a man could fly?

I rise in the air to a moment of zero gravity looking about the earth like Wonder Woman

Then I lose myself in my vanity

And make the crush landing all more shattering


I’m living on the edge of a dagger

Still I look forward to the possibility of a good night sleep

But I am the only one who peers into the darkness

I am the only one who knows my demons

I am the only one who confronts my fears


I am strong, for a moment I feel like my hands are scuplted from steel

Then I retreat back to my corner, I am not invincible

But that is what makes me all human.




About sensoria300

I harness words, I thrive on them. I tell stories. I am dreamer, sometimes a poet but mostly I am a Game of Thrones fanatic. Lady Olenna, Lyanna Mormont and Arya Stark are my spirit animals.

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