Honey, hold my purse

In broad daylight, along the sidewalks of the traffic-laden Tom Mboya Street, you spot a man sashaying a Louis Vuitton burgundy handbag. Inside that bag there are toiletries, lipstick, tampons, coins, keys, credit cards, diary, a little mirror and pepper spray.

No, it’s not a fashion statement. In fact when he left home in the morning, he only had his wallet tucked into the back pocket of his blue jeans. Even amid the honking cars and buzzing noise of sidewalk pundits, you can hear his silent distress call, coming from a place of torment and bruised ego.

Everything was going on fine until she blurted it out “Honey will you hold my purse?” followed by a coercive look that certainly assures him of impending trouble if he says no. This is the most hated question among men. The Guy Code has always been: no real man should ever be seen in public holding a woman’s purse. It is the bane of their masculinity and even questions their sexuality. Watch how this guy solves his humiliating situation.


I am sure this could earn him a special place in the table of men.

Men dread holding the purse simply because it is blatantly a feminine accessory. It wasn’t always exclusively so when it was invented about a thousand years ago. Before the renaissance, before the world became too complicated with the issues of gender and sexuality, the purse was a unisex accessory – a coins holder.

I’d like to think that the territory was established when early modern European woman began complementing their tight corsage dresses with a tiny little purse carrying their ‘particulars.’ That’s what annihilated its masculine appeal. It was certainly not the last time women would grab something male and make it their own. Now we wear trousers, shorts, ties, boxers, boots and jackets. This list gets longer.

Just to experiment a little with statistics, I asked five of my male friends if they’d hold their girlfriend’s purses, and they answered with a roaring NO, just to affirm their manliness. You’d think I’d asked them to walk around town wearing a pleated skirt and a matching blouse.

What is so wrong with holding a woman’s purse? It is one of our most prized accessories, a personal item that we never give to anyone unless we trust them to protect it. When I ask you to hold my purse when I visit the bathroom, trust me, it is not a feminism campaign or a power struggle move. Even ORLANDO BLOOM does it!

photo courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

photo courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

Now, a man who is not afraid to hold my purse in public even if it is pink, that’s a keeper. That is the kind of man I’d like to surprise my mother with, one of these days.

I bet all women would gladly hold your wallets and flaunt them around town the whole day if you let them. I rest my case.


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  1. I love the way you write and that video made my morning lol. Not bragging or whatever, but I don’t see any problem holding a purse. I wouldn’t strut around town alone with it, but holding it while she is busy is no problem for me. I have absolutely no reason to question my manliness and if someone else questioned it I would just laugh lol.
    On the other hand…. whenever I’ve bought something while ALONE at Victoria’s Secret I take an extra bag to put in so I don’t have to walk through the mall with that pretty pink bag (I like their accessories, scarves, etc for photoshoots)
    Have a great weekend Jennifer

    • Well said Scott… I just don’t see any problem with dangling something pink for a few seconds or minutes. Besides, it doesn’t bite, it’s not contraband either. Have a beautiful week!

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