12 Days of Christmas Decluttering Plan

It’s always easier to just throw things around than pack them up nicely to create a neat, attractive space. Besides, everyone is pretty much living a fast life these days – leaving home at 6 am and coming back at night, spent and lazy. However, some people get so overwhelmed that they go overboard with ‘offloading’. Before they know it, their lives are buried in clutter. But Christmas is upon us, it is time to put your house in order.

Let this be the year that your friends (or family) can walk into your home and be happy to be there, without feeling the need to flee.

Here is the bitter truth; clutter makes your home look like crap. When I enter a cluttered space, I don’t feel the warmth of the room creeping under my skin. Instead, I feel like I’ve been plunged into a claustrophobic space with no escape or exit plan. So cut the crap in your life, and get rid of the clutter with this simple 12 days plan.

Day 1: Kill the switch

The reason some people cannot clean up their homes is because they are always lounging on the sofa watching TV. Well, it’s the time to turn the TV off and apply some organization skills.

Day 2: The rule of the thumb

This is where anything goes, look around the house to separate what you genuinely need from what qualifies as baggage. Be ruthless when you make the cut.

Day 3: The yard sale

Look around your house for the things you don’t need but can still be useful to someone else. Get them out in the yard and sell them, at a discounted price of course. The highly publicized OLX is a good place to start.

Day 4: The garage show room

If you are not ready to sell or give away the extra items, pack them up in boxes and keep them away in the garage.

Day 5: Use and dump

Do not leave food packages, wrappings and boxes (like pizza boxes) lying around after eating. Collect them and stuff them in the waste paper basket where they belong.

Day 6: Clear the paper trail

Whenever you carry your work home, don’t leave any papers lying around once you are done even if you no longer need to use them. Instead collect them and toss them in the garbage can. But if you have to work again later, arrange your papers in a neat pile and place them inside the drawer.

Day 7: Disentangle the spaghetti

Phone chargers, TV and radio cables, DSTV plugs, laptop chargers, gaming system wires, earphones and headphones, all these entangle to create one mess of cord clutter. Well, it’s time to free the wires, keep away the ones you don’t need and coil those that are too long so they don’t get entangled again.

Day 8: Marry the ketchup

Group everything that belongs together, from magazines to CDs to remote controls to shoes. For instance, there is no reason why your magazines should be on top of every table when you can group them together into a neat pile.

Day 9: Resist Imelda Marcos’ charms

Former Filipino first lady, Imelda Marcos holds a reputation for having a lavish collection of 3,000 pairs of shoes. Sometimes, we buy shoes we are not even going to wear and end up cluttering them in the closet and under the bed. If you have to buy more shoes, get rid of the old ones.

Day 10: No trespassing

When things are not where they are supposed to be, they tend to create a misplaced mess. Don’t carry bedroom items into the living room and vice versa.

Day 11: Control mutiny

It can be frustrating trying to declutter when the people you are living with cannot follow in your footstep. Just imagine clearing the coffee table of magazines, then coming back later to find a new pile. That’s why you have to be strict with the people around you so they can help you in getting rid of the clutter.

Day 12: Develop an obsession

Decluttering is not a one-time thing; it is a regimen that has to be maintained on a daily basis. Observe your decluttering plan with an obsessive discipline.


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