Are you a hotbed? #SomeoneTellCNN


CNN is a hotbed of sensationalism with their negative headlines like “Security fears as Obama heads to terror hotbed.”

CNN, despite being a global news agency is still suffering from the danger of stereotypes. Contrary to their reporting, our beautiful Kenya, and by extension Africa is a hotbed of beauty.

All the beauty of Africa couldn’t fit on this page. Feel free to Google more images (refer: Magical Kenya) or The Africa the media never shows you.

From June to July alone, Kenya has made commendable milestones:

The embattled Westgate Mall has reopened (We are a hotbed of defiance against terror).

photo courtesy of

photo courtesy of

Another mega mall Garden City Mall has opened along the Thika Superhighway (Yes, we have a superhighway in our hot bed of a country).

We are also a country that has managed to grow grass in 3 days! courtesy of one Mr. Evans Kidero. And yes, they are growing.

If you could only squint a little, you’d see the greenness sprouting. Or are you going to call us a ‘hotbed of lies’ too.

If I am a hotbed of English (like I’d like to think), I believe a ‘hotbed of terror’ means bombs are exploding in Kenya at intervals of 1 hour or less. That means that if I am writing this story sitting on a park bench, I constantly have to stop, duck and run for dear life. Thank God because we are a hotbed of world-class runners.

If you are a hotbed of memory loss, let me enlighten you. This is the David Rudisha when he broke his own record during the 2012 London Olympics. One fierce Kenyan, don’t you agree.He’s just a hotbed of fearlessness.

CNN has reduced Africa to that child who’s always being picked on at school, no matter the milestones they make. Your logic beats me. Or is it just lost in translation?

A little schooling from our twitter defense force #KOT (Kenyans on Twitter). Feel free to look them up on Google, they are legit. Yes, we are a hotbed of tweefs. Check us out on the hashtag #SomeoneTellCNN.

Meanwhile as you get schooled by #KOT’s masterclass (a hotbed of intellects, these peeps) I’ll just leave these here just to show you that we also a hotbed of magic #MagicalKenya. COURTESY OF MAGICALKENYA.COM

magical kenya 1

magical kenya 3

magical kenya 4

magical kenya 5

Now be a hotbed of research, and explore the Kenya CNN never shows you.


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  1. Absolutely awesome post Jennifer. I love it. The media sensationalizes a LOT. They have to, because that’s what sells. Unfortunately. When we were in Afghanistan, we met a guy that later came to Brazil to take a course we were offering. We did an interview with him for a documentary we were producing, that’s goal was to give a voice to the Afghan people and show the world that there is more to Afghanistan than just what you see in the news. Our friend was sharing about just how much the media blows everything out of proportion. He wasn’t very happy with it.
    I love your photos, and the fact that YOU are giving a voice to your people. If I ever get the opportunity to travel to Kenya, I’m coming for a visit ok.
    🙂 ❤

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