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Closeted lover

It must be such a burden to be a closeted lover

You poor soul, lost in another person’s story

Searching for something you can’t find

Treasuring things that have never been yours

Or those that go away too easily

What has the world done to you?


No you are not self-absorbed, you are just living life on the inside but choosing to smile on the outside.

Listen to your words

The danger of being a poet,

You are always trying to find the beauty in other people’s words

But where is the rhythm?

Where are the pauses?

Breathe slow, catch your breath

Oh honey, listen to your words

Where is the magic?

Artistic License

Like I always say, poets and writers are the dreamers, the lovers and the players, the starving artists that the world cannot do without. Whatever you do, make your art. Live it. Embrace it. The hell, curve it in your heart if you have to.

The official blog of Michelle Tuckett, word ninja.

Image-1-4 This is the dimension of an iPhone screen – feel free to use it as wallpaper.

I have never met an artist, musician, or writer who isn’t living their art on a daily basis.

We – we artistic souls – live life in a fugue of interpretations, of seeing the layers of the world pulled apart into strands of music, words, color, expression. It never goes away.

The only difference is whether or not we are doing the art outside our minds or inside – letting our creativity live in the background or foreground.

Let it out.

Let any opportunity that inspires you be an excuse: NaNoWriMo, boredom, a dare, a dream, or a new set of markers. Create an excuse if you have to.

Whatever you do, make your art.

Make it in poems, make it in sketches, make it on post-it notes during smoke breaks at work. Make…

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Some nights

There are those nights we care less, drink more,

Some nights we have it all under control,

But other nights we just wanna be held

You weird thing

When you start to look at the world from your own POV,

Then you begin to care about the things that everyone else ignores

Or those that no one understands

And sometimes they’ll call you weird

Or just odd

But they can’t take away your satisfaction

Or the beauty in the things only you can see

But who are we to judge others when we are all just trying to live through our own conflicts?

Are you a hotbed? #SomeoneTellCNN


CNN is a hotbed of sensationalism with their negative headlines like “Security fears as Obama heads to terror hotbed.”

CNN, despite being a global news agency is still suffering from the danger of stereotypes. Contrary to their reporting, our beautiful Kenya, and by extension Africa is a hotbed of beauty.

All the beauty of Africa couldn’t fit on this page. Feel free to Google more images (refer: Magical Kenya) or The Africa the media never shows you.

From June to July alone, Kenya has made commendable milestones:

The embattled Westgate Mall has reopened (We are a hotbed of defiance against terror).

photo courtesy of

photo courtesy of

Another mega mall Garden City Mall has opened along the Thika Superhighway (Yes, we have a superhighway in our hot bed of a country).

We are also a country that has managed to grow grass in 3 days! courtesy of one Mr. Evans Kidero. And yes, they are growing.

If you could only squint a little, you’d see the greenness sprouting. Or are you going to call us a ‘hotbed of lies’ too.

If I am a hotbed of English (like I’d like to think), I believe a ‘hotbed of terror’ means bombs are exploding in Kenya at intervals of 1 hour or less. That means that if I am writing this story sitting on a park bench, I constantly have to stop, duck and run for dear life. Thank God because we are a hotbed of world-class runners.

If you are a hotbed of memory loss, let me enlighten you. This is the David Rudisha when he broke his own record during the 2012 London Olympics. One fierce Kenyan, don’t you agree.He’s just a hotbed of fearlessness.

CNN has reduced Africa to that child who’s always being picked on at school, no matter the milestones they make. Your logic beats me. Or is it just lost in translation?

A little schooling from our twitter defense force #KOT (Kenyans on Twitter). Feel free to look them up on Google, they are legit. Yes, we are a hotbed of tweefs. Check us out on the hashtag #SomeoneTellCNN.

Meanwhile as you get schooled by #KOT’s masterclass (a hotbed of intellects, these peeps) I’ll just leave these here just to show you that we also a hotbed of magic #MagicalKenya. COURTESY OF MAGICALKENYA.COM

magical kenya 1

magical kenya 3

magical kenya 4

magical kenya 5

Now be a hotbed of research, and explore the Kenya CNN never shows you.

To Kill Atticus Finch by Harper Lee

courtesy of

Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird, Getty images.

Forget To Kill a Mockingbird and its morality slogans. If you’ve never read the book and you are just discovering its existence now, don’t fall for Atticus Finch. Don’t be swayed by his good deeds or any of his teachings. Don’t memorize his quotes. It’s a trap. Atticus will break your heart.

Atticus Finch as we’ve always known him is dead, killed by the very hands that created him. In Go Set the Watchman, a sequel to To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee reveals that Finch, after all was no role model, just a terribly flawed human being – a racist. The virtuous Atticus Finch, the defender of the oppressed and supporter of civil rights has been tarnished into a villain.

We’ve put this man on a pedestal for years. We’ve taught our children about him (it doesn’t even matter that I don’t have a kid right now. When you rant, it’s a collective thing.), some of us have learnt about him in our Literature class.

Oh, Harper Lee, what have you done to us? Atticus Finch wasn’t just a fictional character to be squeezed in between your sequels of Fifty Shades of Grey. Atticus was a character to wear proudly, to quote in social gatherings just to appear smarter than you are.

To Kill a Mockingbird has been referenced in pop culture so many times than I can count because of what Atticus stood for.

He was the benchmark of society’s moral codes, the man whose teachings, you could constantly borrow from.

He is the man every lawyer tried to live up to, and sometimes came short because of the high standards he set.

Women like Jennifer Love Hewitt have named their children after this man.

Jake Gyllenhaal must be burying his head in the sand now for naming his German shepherd Atticus Finch.

Which begs the question, how do we take it all back?

As both a writer and audience I am impressed and mad at Harper Lee. Impressed that she could fool a whole generation, she let us leave this lie, watching us from her point of scrutiny, saying to herself, “Look at them, they don’t know what’s coming.”

Sad, that she has shredded our hero into pieces. She has stripped us of half a century of moral teachings. And most importantly, she has killed our belief in Atticus Finch.

The complex of a writer, that’s what I call it, and Lee is one hell of a complex writer to shock us all like this.

Poetry is to imagine

Poetry isn’t about what you write, it doesn’t even need to be about what you feel. Poetry is about what you imagine. It is an urge of self-expression. It is a sequence of words streaming out, tired of being contained inside.

It is about opening your mind to a whole lot of possibilities – of what was, what is and what will be. It is taking a time machine back to the people left behind, or sticking around to watch others through the glass or going ahead to those you wish you knew.

It is believing that you are making sense to someone out there even if you are not. Poetry is the imagination of life.

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