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Let’s Play Pretend 004

Let’s pretend that we’ve mastered the art of conversation

That’s nothing is really lost in the ones that end too soon

Or the ones that change course mid-sentence

Let’s pretend that we care deeply about the smiles in the crowd

Those are the easiest to cheat, no time to linger

Please don’t judge

We are merely moving on to the next best thing


Here’s to Saul Williams: Said the shotgun to the head

This is just an excerpt, to read the full poem go to–Said-the-Shotgun-to-the-Head

my kali flower
i am eternally destroyed
by your love
no longer
am i eligible
for any worker’s

my friends laugh at me
and talk behind my back
they say you have
changed me
i am

i am like a survivor
of the flood
walking through the streets
drenched with
surprised that all of the
drowned victims
are still walking and talking

maybe there’s hope
i rush to each victim’s side
sucking what i can of you
out of your various
pumping their stomachs
and filling them

to touch them
is to touch you
to kiss them
is to kiss you

my friends,
love is an artform
slightly removed
from its element
one may ask
well what does this mean?
i respond
i’ve made it up
but it shall be
from now on

from now on
will be built
on one side
of the street

so that soothsayers
will have wilderness to wander
and lovers
space enough
to contemplate
a kiss

she kissed
as if she, alone,
could forge
the signature
of the sun

i closed my eyes
i never knew
the difference
i stood before
a brighter light
at lesser

and then, a feeling. Almost as if nothing were ever bound to repeat itself again. As if history had been as masterfully created as the great pyramids and any attempt to reconstruct or relive any given moment would have to stem from an understanding of how the pyramids were built from the TOP DOWN.

and if one could understand such majesty one would also understand that kisses hold codes for unlocking new portals and that pyramids were first made of flesh

our bonded souls
shifting through
hidden corrals
and passageways

i will find my way
to eternity
within you

when i can feel you
breathing into me
i, like a stone gargoyle
atop some crumbling building,
spring to life
a resuscitated

Sexposition – cinema aesthetic or manipulation of the audience?

Sexposition – cinema aesthetic or manipulation of the audience?.

At my moment of…

At my moment of inspiration and absolute quiet, I seek sanctuary in my thoughts. In that moment of solitude I see the world in my own imagination and bring from it ingenuity and art that is called writing. Good writing is a thought-provoking endeavour, you are in constant fight with yourself trying to unleash your masterpiece to your audience.

Men had fought …

Men had fought with guns and swords to conquer a woman’s heart, but a pen and a piece of paper were his only weapons. The art of poetry within his soul flowed like a stream in the mountains – free, serene and magnificent. With words and love, he won the heart of the lady.

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