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Let’s Play Pretend 002


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Let’s pretend that we were all pure when we first met

Those days we fed each other only parts we loved

Putting the price of gold in even the tinniest things

Like the touch of a hand

Such hands are evasive

Such hands know more than they are telling

But they are really useless if they can’t send us to places we’ve never been

Like thriving in the underbelly of a heart

Where it is easy to reach in and squeeze out the air

Is that what you mean when you say you are out of breath?


A little bit more

He saw the solitude tucked neatly beneath her courage

Always a survivor, she had painted the perfect image

That the world around her couldn’t corrupt

Only she curved her heart, taught it to adapt

He let his fingers grip her, crippling her agility

Till she was stripped to fragility

His muscular hands tender against her cold arms

Unafraid to bear into her soul, he released his charms

His gaze, bold, intimidating

But still, welcomed, captivating

He was unapologetic, broke down her defenses

Till she lost all her senses

There was no turning back

But the feeling alone wasn’t enough

She wanted more – NEEDED MORE

Maybe just a little

Surely, the world must not judge her

Then there was you

In a sea of people, I was alone

In a battle with myself, I was battered and torn

Looking for love in places it couldn’t be found

Falling, reeling hard to the ground

No one to catch me except to float alone in a faulty space

Where I ignored his soul, looked only at his chiseled face


I lost my heart in the streets

To him who wanted me only in the sheets

He loved me like a cheat

Thinking I didn’t know better than to be cheap

… then there was you


You who was perched on your mantle like a warrior

But still selfless, caring like a saviour

You who caressed my perfect impurities

Till I was shining beyond my insecurities

You who came to my life with no bargains

Sucked out my poisoned pains


You whose kisses are preserved in my kingdom

For in your cage of love I find my freedom

You who holds me whole to eternity

Because alone I’m not lonely

Alone, my heart launches to collide with yours…



The heart is th…

The heart is the most treacherous part of man. It brings forth conflicting emotions warring inside men. Love, hate, lust, greed, happiness, sympathy, jealousy, sadness, guilt, regret – the heart brings it all to the surface when provoked.

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