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Let’s play pretend 001

What’s that they always say, make peace with the mirror and smile?

But who’s that on the other side?

Come out, let’s play pretend

Let’s pretend that all liars first met in the streets

and they followed each other home

And behind closed doors, they schemed how to trick us all

Let’s pretend that it’s never really a lie

until you learn to choose the right side






When no one else is listening

Let us all make holes in our fortress of solitude,

so that we can hear each others think

Let us build bridges in between the spaces

so we can learn to speak in the code of silence

When all the voices are pleading to get in

Let us all run to the edges and seal all the openings

When the lies are ready to spill

Let us all build a wall

so we can shut out the pain

Let us cover our eyes with pride

so we never have to meet at the kitchen table


Did I say all this out loud?

I talk better in my head but when the words come out, it’s all jerked up

Too many ers…

But why do you choke when you speak?

Why do you swallow your voice?

That’s not me, that’s not me at all.

I am not that awkward, I don’t stutter that many times

I don’t even halt to think about my next word

Boy, you should meet me when I’m inside my head.

You should hear my words flow, it’s fluid, it’s a harmony

I could bend glass with my words

I am an orator inside my head, I am damn Morgan Freeman

No, scratch that. That’s underselling it, I am Winston Churchill

I’m sorry, did I say all this out loud

I’m a terrible lover

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Stepping on toes,

Looking over my shoulders,

I am here for a while,

Then I go back to the arms I once knew,

But I crawl back to the heart that feeds on me,

I manipulate the heart that needs me,

Taking too much, giving too little

Or giving nothing at all,

Expecting to find kisses floating in the air

I’m a terrible lover,

Throwing love in the dust,

But I’m a lover in training.

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