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Save yourself

Solitude breeds contentment, loneliness breeds emptiness.

Often, in our quest to self discovery, we mistake one for the other.

Learn the difference, save yourself.


You weird thing

When you start to look at the world from your own POV,

Then you begin to care about the things that everyone else ignores

Or those that no one understands

And sometimes they’ll call you weird

Or just odd

But they can’t take away your satisfaction

Or the beauty in the things only you can see


But who are we to judge others when we are all just trying to live through our own conflicts?

Guard the things you love,

they will keep you going in your darker days.

Let it go

Don’t be too self-conscious or you might just lose your passion in life

Run wild a little, break a few hearts, drunk dial someone at 3 am,

let down your guard a little

Just let it go...

Haters and critics

Every creative must learn to differentiate

the haters from the critics

Both will come hard at you..

Learn from Game of Thrones

Learn from Game of Thrones,

Live in the now,

Tomorrow is never guaranteed,

Always be prepared like winter is coming…

I will get there

Sometimes the validation you are desperately looking for

comes from deep within

From doing the things that make you happy

And smiling to yourself in the mirror every morning

Or telling yourself repeatedly, “I will get there. It might take a while but I will get there.”

Open a page and write


The world can never have enough stories

For you not to tell yours

Open a page and just write

Anything can be a story. Really, anything…

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