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Stormborn: The Sand Snakes fall to Euron


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And so it begins. Arya Stark’s cold open in Dragonstone is passed, Ed Sheeran is gone and it’s back to business as usual in Westeros.

As much as viewers have been questioning the role of Dorne and the Sand Snakes in Game of Thrones narrative, it was somehow sad to watch Obara and Nymeria fall at the hands of Euron Greyjoy.

Euron is certainly not messing around with this villain thing. Compared to Joffrey or Ramsay, his bloodlust actually matches his battle skills, and with a dash of glee as promised of his character. He is not like Joffrey who hid behind the crown like the coward he was. Nor is he like Ramsay who didn’t prove to be much of a fighter when he was finally thrown in the real battlefield by Jon Snow. Perhaps his biggest accomplishment as a psychopath was turning Theon into Reek. Poor Theon, not the kind of man you want fighting beside you in a battle. Poor Yara. Poor Ellaria. There goes part of Daenerys’ alliance.

Good thing she has her eyes set on the North courtesy of Melisandre who comes knocking at Dragonstone and convinces Dany to summon Jon Snow.

“Tell Jon Snow that his Queen invites him to come to Dragonstone. And bend the knee.”

She may be the Mother of Dragons but she is rather demanding. To summon our noble King in the North like that, asking him to bend a knee. Lyanna Mormont must hear about this.

Oops, Lyanna Mormont does hear about it. And like everyone in the council at Winterfell, she doesn’t appreciate the rest of Westeros taking the North granted.

“I mean c’mon, who do they think we are. We are the effin North for God’s sake. We remember. Ask Ramsay. Ask Meryn Trant. Ask Polliver. Ask Walder Frey, his baked sons and the entire males of House Frey. Yes, I am reciting Arya’s kills like I was there but who asked for your opinion. I am Lady of the Bear Islands.”

Even with the council’s disapproval, including Sansa’s and a creepy look from Littlefinger (I expect more scenes where Jon chokes Littlefinger), he still rides for Dragonstone because he needs Dragonglass to kill the White Walkers and Dany’s home is full of it.

The people’s enemy Cersei Lannister continues to plot. Looks like her minion Qyburn has found a way to kills Dany’s dragons. This episode couldn’t get any luckier for Cersei. Her ally Euron is killing her enemies for her. Dany’s dragons are not all that powerful. Arya is now heading North instead of South. Someone send a raven, what a lucky day for the Queen!

Missandei and Grey Worm, you beautiful creatures. Grey Worm, the Unsullied, teaching men how to love since 1934.

Seriously, Sam I cannot stand your scenes this season. Nope.

The rape culture in Game of Thrones is an insult to women and fans

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I am not a feminist, at least not in the classical sense of the word but I owe it to mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmothers all over to speak out. It’s a sad day to be a GoT fan, it’s even sadder if you are a woman. We know Benioff and Weiss to be too bold and controversially rebellious with their adaptation of A Song of Ice and Fire.

And we have been patient, digesting everything they’ve thrown at us (some unpalatable) from the unnecessary sexposition to incestual affairs to the Joffrey-Ros torture scene which is one of the most disturbing scenes to date.

But the two creators have now reached a certain level of grotesque vanity, sadistically represented by the gratuitous rape scenes in GoT. As much as we’d want to forget, we all remember Drogo raping Daenerys Targaryen in S1, Ser Jaime Lannister raping Cersei in S4 but the one that has enraged fans all over is last episode’s rape of Sansa Stark.

In the sixth episode of Season 5 titled Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken, Sansa is bent, bowed and broken in the most despicable way when she’s raped by her new husband Ramsay Bolton on their wedding night.

While GoT’s obsession with victimizing Sansa Stark is something we have forced ourselves to accept, this recent dehumanization was unnecessary and brutal, even by GoT’s standards.

Did GoT really need to rape Sansa Stark? We already know that Ramsay Bolton is a sociopath, far worse than the demented boy king Joffrey (may his soul NOT rest in peace). This alone is enough to summarize in succinct the hell that is Sansa’s new marriage.

Therefore, to add rape to her misfortunes is the most heinous mistake that the two creators could have made. Out of some sadistic misogynistic mentality, GoT has turned such a serious act as rape into a mere plot device where Benioff and Weiss can play around with on a whim.

And perhaps the most disturbing thing about these scenes is that they have nothing to do with A Song of Ice and Fire, and knowing Benioff and Weiss experimentation with extremities, we can only fear what is to come next.

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